Manifold is an album featuring Jesse Langen on guitar and Amanda DeBoer Bartlett on voice.  Available on iTunes and elsewhere.  Click HERE.


Meditation and Hoolerei is available on the album Trio Montecino, featuring Trio Montecino (David Shea, clarinet; Pablo Mahave-Veglia, cello; andPaulina Zamora, piano).  On iTunes. Click HERE.

Attenuatus is available on the album Re-Caged: Electroacoustic Miniatures.  On iTunes.  Click HERE.

The Counterfeit Reality is available on the album Push Button -Turn Crank featuring the percussion ensemble Tempus Fugit.  In selected libraries.  Click HERE.

Fantasy Variations: Twelve Bells is available on the album Contemporary Eclectic Music for the Piano, Volume 9, featuring Jeffrey Jacob on the piano.  Through New Ariel Recordings.  Click HERE.

My Children Mock Us is available on the album SEAMUS 20th Anniversary.  In select libraries.  Click HERE.