The Sinking Flower (2018)

Gemstone Debris

Malcolm Lynn Baker, saxophone and electronics

Ravish Momin, drums and electronics

Michael Wittgraf, computer

Recorded in Philadelphia



Michael Wittgraf, Nintendo Wii, microphone and computer. Performed at the 2014 Kyma International Sounds Symposium. Lübeck Germany. September 2014.

Composition 2.4.3

Video by the late Joel Jonientz.  Original audio: Dronelet 001 by Michael Wittgraf.

Topographic Timepiece

Jesse Langen, guitar; Michael Wittgraf, computer. Performed at the 2012 Kyma International Sound Symposium, September 2012. St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Anthem (2018)

Michael Wittgraf, computer

HASCO Duo (Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, voice and electronics, Jesse Langen, guitar and electronics

Recorded in Chicago

Improvisations 2014


David Timme, percussion.  Michael Wittgraf, computer and Nintendo Wii.  Performed at the 2014 Kyma International Sound Symposium, September 2014.  Lübeck, Germany.

Composition 3.1.3

Video by the late Joel Jonientz. Original audio: Squeeze Play by Michael Wittgraf.

Squeeze Play

Mojca Ussar, dancer and choreographer. Performed as part of 60x60 Dance (2008 International Mix), November 14, 2008. World Financial Center Winter Garden, New York City.


Hamiruge Percussion Ensemble, Louisiana State University. Brett Dietz, Director. March 2014. LSU.

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